Sunday, February 5, 2012

Covenant Friendships

Today in church, the Pastor spoke on covenant friendships. He started by saying he was doing a series on marriage and when he said these words I kinda wanted to tune out. Little did I know I was about to hear a very powerful message. Brady proceeded to speak of the importance of same gender friendships. Immediately I thought of my little pockets of bestfriends that God has blessed me with over the past four years. I think of the Bungalow (Hillary, Paige, Jorie, and Lindsey) and Frank (Kathryn, Ashlyn, and Ashley) I also think of Sarah, my friend through all of life, the one I've known from birth. I honestly couldn't have asked for better friends or picked any better group of girls if I tried. I am confident that God hand picked each one of them and placed them in my life for a specific purpose to encourage me and help me along my journey in this life. I know that they are self-sacrificing and would do anything for me. We have the Jonathan/David type friendship that is described in 1 Samuel 18. I feel so extremely blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people and I know they are in my life for a reason. I don' t know where I'll be in three short months, but I do know that each of my coventant friends will be either a short drive, phone call, or skype date away and will be on my team rooting for me in whatever direction life takes me and I will do the same for them.