Saturday, August 13, 2011

God is good.

Okay so I don't really blog much, I know. I tend to write a blog when something monumental happens in my life and I want to remember it and be able to read over it again. Yeah, I journal too, but sometimes it just feels easier to type. Anyway, with all that said, here I go. One weekend this summer when two high school buddies and I were on a road trip we got into a deep conversation. Don't you just love those! You can't force them if you want to, they just happen at the right time with the right people. Anyway, the topic of our converstation was about witnessing. I became quickly convicted. If we really care about people, we should not hold back the knowledge we have about Christ and our eternity to ourselves. We should want the whole world to know! I become really timid and struggle with sharing my faith in the real world. How silly. Anyway, God was able to give me confidence and ease me into this process this summer. Two days ago I woke up just thinking it was gonna be a normal day. God had different plans. What is a normal day anyway? I don't think we really have those. Anyway, so I wake up and have to head to the eye doctor because I have terrible vision and need to get more contacts before I head back to school. So, I walk in half asleep at 10:15 am because I have been up all night enjoying my last moments with my little brother who had just left at 7 am for his freshman year of college. I stand at the little secretary counter and give them my name, insurance information, etc. The guy at the counter looks at me and says you're Christiana? (yeah he pronounced it wrong but whatever, typical.) I nod my head and he says (much to my surprise) "So are you a Christian?" (I guess assuming I would be due to the fact that Christian is in my name). What an opportunity! I am shocked by how forward he is! I say yes, it's a good thing huh?! And he proceeds to say yeah I'm not really sure about all that religion stuff I don't really know what I believe. I was thinking to myself...WoW Lord, you really are setting this one up for me perfectly. I've been lacking confidence and you are handing this opportunity to me on a silver platter. He is initiating the conversation. Then we begin to talk about churches and I tell him he should try Second Baptist (my home church). That's all that is really said at this point. I sorta shyed away. Then I think back to my road trip converation with my friends. Lord, I know I need to do something here. What should I do? The guy led me to the waiting area and I began to think. It hit me, I didn't have a Bible in my car, but I did have a book of a collection of Bible verses called "God's Promises for Every Need" (or something like that). We got it at church one Sunday and I believe I've had it in my car all these years for this moment. I go to get it out of my car and think, I'm gonna give this to him when I leave. I go get my eyes checked and head for the door. He is in mid conversation so I decide to go to the bathroom, let him finish talking and then I'll give him the little book. I start getting nervous again and it's because of this other woman sitting next to him. I'm such a baby. Anyway I walk out of the restroom and the woman he was speaking to is gone. WoW thanks Lord. God is like " Christiana, you have absolutely no excuse, do it." So I walk up to him and say, "here's a book I had in my car, it has a bunch of Bible verses in it and I think you'll really enjoy it." I also reminded him of the times of the services at Second Baptist and gave him my phone number if he has any questions. He seemed very thankful. Then I left amazed at how God was teaching me in that situation. I am blown away by God once again. He is meeting me where I am. He has given me more confidence and I am taking one step at a time. Little by little He is preparing me to share my faith with others. God is going to take over with that man at the eye doctor. The seed is planted, and God can make it grow! God is good.